The Bad Experiences
Ahmed (our Founder), in his own words
Help, I Need a Flat

It all started when my new wife and I were looking for a new home to rent together. Rightmove and Zoopla here we come! After days of going through property after property, some of which were already let, image after image and creating a short list, it was time to speak with the relevant agencies.


Emails and phone calls exchanged, providing our details over and over and over until I could repeat them in my sleep. Agents ringing at 7 am, emails after emails and random agency offices from completely different areas asking “would you move to Isleworth” my response “no I’m looking in Ealing only”….”are you sure”….”yes I am” We decided to be patient as we weren’t the only people looking for a new home in London and as far as we were aware the only way to find a new home was via an agent.


Weeks went by and around 630 minutes of my week, each week had been on the phone, responding to emails or going out to view properties, frustration started to creep in. 

Negotiation Time

3 weeks in, there it was, it hadn’t crossed my path on any of these websites or agent offerings. A ‘TO LET’ sign outside. A brand new period conversion split into flats, perfect location. Pulled over, called the agent, details given, viewing confirmed! called the wife, buzzing.


Viewing time, we loved it. I turned to the agent “we would like to put in an offer please”, response “great, here is our offer form please fill it in and we shall submit your offer to the landlord”. Fun times, filled out the form and waited. Negotiation time… me to agent, agent to landlord, agent back to me, me back to agent, agent back to landlord, landlord to agent and agent back to me lasted for 4 days back and forth to make a saving of £25 per month on the asking price.


Still, OFFER ACCEPTED! YES! oh wait pay a holding deposit, great. 

The Checks

Holding deposit paid. Email with information required for the credit check and reference arrives. My wife and I gather all the information, attach it, send it and wait.


2 days later we receive a phone call from the agent confirming that we had passed the checks and the contracts shall be emailed to us. Funnily enough they arrive an hour later. Signed and sealed! We then received another call to state that we needed to attend the agency to check over everything prior to confirming our move in date.


We turn up after work sat there for around 30 minutes went through it all and confirmed. Of course the invoices were also issued at this sit down, make a payment of 5 weeks, first month rent and oh yea our agency fees also please! On the bright side move in day SET! Home here we come!! 

Ting... Hang on a Minute

After months and months the day had finally arrived. The day we move into our new home. All set for a 12pm meeting with our inventory clerk to collect our keys and settle in. 10.30 am we receive a call to state the inventory clerk was running late and our appointment was moved till 1pm (great start to the day). Called our delivery company asked them to postpone the drop off by one hour. Of course they couldn’t as they had other drop offs. Conclusion was we sat outside for an hour with our belongings until the inventory clerk turned up. 60 minutes later the clerk had finished her report, we signed again collected our keys and closed the door. We had finally moved into our new home! We still need furniture….

Is there not a simpler way to do all this?